Monday, 15 June 2015

15-June-2015 - Induino R4 replacing the Induino R3

Induino R4 is the latest revision to our Induino series of Boards. The Induino R4 will replace the Induino R3.

Induino R4 is the same as the R3 excepting the following 2 changes

1) Removal of the General Purpose Prototyping Area

2) Addition of a 4 Pin I2C Header in that Area to Allow Direct Plugging in of 0.96" I2C OLED Displays.

All existing code / tutorials / examples for the Induino R3 will work on the Induino R4 as it is. The OLED interface is the only addition. Soon we will publish an OLED version of all example codes using LCD currently.

Here are pictures of the Induino R4. The oled display is just for illustrative purposes and does not come with the Board. However the display is included as part of various kits for the Induino.


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