Friday, 19 July 2013

What is Arduino? What is Induino? Lets get Some Clarity

So Whats Arduino All About?

Arduino is a Open-Source Prototyping Platform - Its a set of Open-Source (Design Files are available OPENLY for modification) Tools a.ka Platform (Hardware + Software for Programming the Hardware) that can help you build prototypes easily!

Arduino is tool for making programmable computers(embedded systems) for specific applications. Using these which you can sense and control different real-world parameters. 

Read the Arduino Official Introduction Here

And the Arduino FAQ Here

So Whats the Induino R3?

The Induino R3 is a Indian made Clone of the popular Arduino Duemilanove Board with a Arduino Uno Bootloader. In other words in the above description of Tools, it is the hardware board. It can be programmed using the Arduino Software and would behave exactly like an Arduino Board.

A Bit of History

At Simple Labs we started training students using Arduino as early as 2009 using the Arduino Duemilanove. However the prohibitive import costs at that time got us building our own version of the Arduino Board called the Induino (The Name Induino as it was made in India!). This was a Simple Low-Cost Single Sided Board that was everything the Arduino was except that it was not 100% Shield Compatible.  As our training experience grew we redesigned the Induino to the InduinoX incorporating a number of on-board peripherals that would enable to beginner to get started and learn without the need for buying additional components. There were a few minor revisions to the InduinoX and it evolved to be one of our widely used boards. 

Earlier this year (2013), we realised that our InduinoX boards had compatibility issues with new R3 series of Arduino Shields and decided to go for a redesign. We struck to our basic design with a few changes and the result was the Induino R3.  So When you buy an Induino R3, you are buying a clone  board built on top of over 4 years of experience (No other Indian Clone can claim that!) and You are in Safe Hands

Differences from the last version of the InduinoX
DC Jack instead of Screw Terminals for Input Supply
R3 shield Compatibility
DIP Switches instead of Jumpers
RTC Removed from the Board
Servo Interface & Sensor Interface Added


  1. Induino is one of the most promising and innovative indian startup. I am going to buy an Induino, probably next month ... the internet of things is on the verge of changing the tech industry ... gotta huddle up and start learning new things. Double thumbs up for you and keep up the good work. Also thanks a lot for all those tutorials about using Induino.

  2. Is it useful for kids of 4th standard?If so how?

    1. i dont think it's useful for 4th grader's

  3. You are rocking guys. Very glad to see such products from Indians.

  4. where do you train your students and can others join it?

  5. Where are the docs for InduinoX R2?
    I've got one. I need the docs.

  6. what are the components i will be getting in the induno kit....?? and what will be the total amount of the expenditure...??